ARTHUS SARRACENIA Majestic Chameleon 

 " 17 months old yellow, super head, lovely topline, good angulation,
lovely back and lovely front, good height, moved well "- j. Martin O'Donoghue (GB)

 " 17 months, excellent head expression, good eys color, very good in shoulder,
sound topline and tail set, good sound hocks, handling and shown beautifuly"
- j. Mary O'Donoghue (GB)

This is a beautiful yellow, I like everything about him, he is an ideal size 
as well-balanced, has good bone and substance, appealing head with kind expression,
moves so easily and  one who should have a very exciting future, an excellent youth."
j.Margaret Brown (GB)

"good head, eyes, pigment, well balanced, with compact body, correct structure
of coat, moves well with good set of tail. Good example of the race" - j. Jean Lanning (GB)

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